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We have currently reopened recruiting and will accept applications for all classes. We are looking to recruit members for a core 10 man Cataclysm team. To fill out an application, click "Join Coup d'etat" at the top of the page.

Note to applicants: We will not take just anyone. We will be picky. Please try to be thorough in your application so we can get the best impression of you.

Now for the greatest WoW movie ever made:

Revolutionary Times!    
Other Guild News

Deathwing ate me, and Arathi.

Pajamasammi, Dec 4, 10 9:01 PM.
I stood in Arathi Highlands with Booooman for about 8 hours last week for a dumb achievement, and got absolutely nothing out of it.

Today I was questing in Arathi for loremaster, and to my surprise the sky got red, the music got tense, and Deathwing came out of NOWHERE.

(click to enlarge)

After I died, the flames lasted for like 10-15 minutes

Turkeys, Orcs, and lag. What's not to like?

Pajamasammi, Nov 22, 10 10:54 AM.
It seems that Blizzard never managed to fix this glitch. (Awesome!) And in lieu of holiday spirit, a rogue in Dalaran decided to celebrate a different way.

Nothing out of the normal right? Just a giant orc wearing a pilgrim dress.

Then, out of NOWHERE:


Happy thanksgiving!


Pajamasammi, Nov 15, 10 4:30 PM.
So the elementals FINALLY invaded. Like it only took them 2 months.

Basically every 30 minutes a big elemental with like 4 million health comes and stomps on either SW or IF, and it's up to the militia to assemble and take it the fuck down.

Here's how swamped SW was, everyone decided it was a good idea to get on their mammoth mount too:

Uber Gahz'rilla:

Uber Princess:

Uber Lavalash:

The huge bastard in AQ20:

More screenshots coming soon!

After you kill the big guy, you can do 4 bosses using the LFG tool that all drop iLevel251 gear. They are actually NOT tank and spank and require a bit of THINKING (who would've thought?)
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